Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On


R 3,876.00 

DHC Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On is a soothing, massaging eye treatment with oat kernel extract that firms and smoothes. The massaging beads cool and stimulate the delicate skin around the eye while delivering the firming power of mevalonolactone, ceramide 3, and pentapeptide-18 to hydrate and lift.

  • Contains a high concentration of active lifting ingredients
  • Massaging application soothes and cools delicate skin
  • Works with your skin to manage fine lines and dryness


water, glyceryl Tri (Caprylic acid / capric acid), BG, rosinate, Hexa (hydroxystearic acid / stearic acid and rosin acids), Shea oil, pentylene glycol, mevalonolactone, ceramide 3, oat kernel extract, was-18, isostearic acid, arginine, polysorbate 60, (acrylates / acrylic acid alkyl (C10-30) crosspolymer,  hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, carbomer, glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexyl Glycerin  

How To Use

After toning, roll apply onto eye area. For best results, use with other DHC Beauty Lift products.

*For initial use, press pen about 10 times. Wipe off remaining serum on the roller after each use and close cap tightly. Do not press pen when closing cap.

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