"SENTAKU-SENKA" , Enviro-Disc for Laundry, made in Japan

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"SENTAKU-SENKA" from Japan.

Enviro-Disc for Laundry, made in Japan.
By using it, you can wash your clothes without detergent.

This product has excellent sterilizing effect.

It can leads you to cot down of expenses for laundry, because you can use this Disc for
700 times (2 years, every day).

※ In japan, you can cut down about 22,000 yen for 2 years.

And you must amaze the performance of it.

<Overview of the product>

■ Washing Introductions:
For best results, read and follow the instructions below.

・ Place all Enviro-Disc units together with your dirty laundry into your washing machine.
・ Use the same temperature and wash cycles you are accustomed to for the apparel
you are cleaning. The longer the cycle, the more effective the cleasing action.
・ While cold water produces good results for lightly soiled fabrics, hotter water
will be more effective for removing oily and greasy dirt.
・ Pre-treat stains and severe soils using usual methods and products.
DO NOT add any fabric softeners or bleach.
・ For additional whitening and brightening, add no more than one tablespoon of
household detergent.
・ You may notice a certain amount of soapy film and foam during the first several
washings. This is due to soap trapped in the fabrics during previous laundering,
and will disappear as the fabrics become really clean.
・ When you are through using your Enviro-Disc, remove it from the machine and
store in a dry location to prevent mildew and musty odors from forming
due to trapped moisture.

■ Features of the product:
・ Non Allergenic
The unique cleaning method of Enviro-Disc ceramic pellets adds no chemicals
or perfumes to the laundry process.
It is the perfect answer for those who suffer from allergies to these substances.

・ Environmentally Friendly
Enviro-Disc adds no chemicals to the laundry water, and is reusable up to seven hundred
times. It eliminates hundreds of pounds of polluting chemicals found in the ordinary.

・ Highly Economical
Compare what you spend in a two-year period on laundry detergent to the price of
one Enviro-Disc, and you will recognize astonishing savings.


■ Ingredients:
・Aluminum oxide
:Silicon dioxide
・Iron oxide

■ Manufacturing:
Bake the
aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, iron oxide at a high temperature
of 1250 ° C and then, Ceramics will be formed.
Reason why dirt falls:
1, When ceramics is put in water, the far infrared rays emanating from
ceramics destroy clusters of water (about 50 H 2 0 chains), and H2O
becomes about 3-5 polymers.
The polymer enters the fibers of the clothing and removes the dirt.
So, the water will remove the dirt.
Mechanism that increases the penetration of water into clothing and reduces dirt.
2, silver and copper on the surface of the ceramics ionize oxygen in the
water, which is responsible for disinfection and staining·

■ Other points:
・Water temperature should be 30 ~ 35 ℃ to remove the dirt well.
・Oil stains and Mud stain are hard to fall.
→ If you wash with a normal 1/3 detergent and SENTAKU-SENKA,
you can remove even Oil stains and Mud stain as usual.


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